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We are a leading online fundraising and direct giving portal used by hundreds of charities. Use Givematcher to donate directly to Australian charities or support your friends’ fundraising efforts. You can donate online using a credit card and receive a tax receipt by email instantaneously

We are an Australian Not-For-Profit ourselves, backed by philanthropists who are committed to online fundraising being free. We charge no annual fees. We charge rock-bottom commission: as low as 0% for small / medium charities (plus the credit card fee). Our aim is to help charities raise more funds while saving $ Millions in online fundraising costs.

Did you know?

For many years, Australian charities have unjustly been paying many millions of dollars in high annual fees and hefty commission to For-Profit fundraising portals. Online fundraising has become huge business, which is why in 2011 a gigantic US listed company called Blackbaud, currently worth close to A$3 Billion, bought Australia’s largest fundraising portal Everyday Hero. Furthermore, For-Profit fundraising portals have eagerly been locking in charities and their fundraising supporters by signing exclusive deals with event organisers. This is really no good for our selfless charities, which have had their hand forced to subscribe to multiple fundraising portals and to pay their high commission and annual fees.

We’re an Australian Not-For-Profit and together we can change this.

Fundraise / donate freely, in every event

Unfortunately, large events (fun-runs, marathons, triathlons, etc.) are directing fundraising participants to a specific fundraising portal, which is typically a telltale sign that they have signed an exclusive deal with this particular portal (and that this fundraising portal is expensive and For-Profit). Before you donate to support a fundraiser, check the portal’s annual fees and commission (it’s not a good sign if you can’t find this easily). You will usually find that they charge high annual fees, and hefty commission, plus credit card fees, in which case fundraising supporters who care about their cause should probably consider switching to a cost-effective fundraising portal to avoid wasting money on the portal itself.

Some reasons to choose us
Anyone is completely free to fundraise and support their charity on whatever platform they choose and switching is very easy. If a fundraising supporter who is asking for your support has already started their fundraising campaign on an expensive For-Profit portal, it takes only minutes to also have a page on Givematcher, and they can just put a comment on how much they have already raised on another portal.

  • We charge charities no annual fee.
  • Charities that make us their preferred platform benefit from our rock-bottom commission rates: 0% for small to medium charities and 3.4% for large charities (plus credit card fee).
  • We ensure that so much more of donors’ hard-earned money gets to their charity – as a point of comparison, Australia’s largest peer-to-peer fundraising portal charges annual fees of $400+GST and commission of 6.5%+GST plus credit card fees (accurate as at 31 March 2015).
  • By using us donors and fundraising supporters are helping an Australian Not-For-Profit (us) fulfill our mission to take out $ Millions in charity costs!

Help us help charity

We’re doing our best to make a big difference and we really appreciate the help you can give us to help Australian charities.  Some ways you can help us:

  • Support fundraisers and donate on Givematcher
  • Spread the word about Givematcher to anyone who participates in events
  • Share / Post your Donations on Facebook to help the charity and to help spread the word about what we’re doing
  • Like / Share our Facebook Page
  • “I’m with Givematcher”: Talk about us on Facebook / Twitter / in person / everywhere!
  • If the charity you support is not already on Givematcher, then let us know so we can add them to the fast-increasing list of charities using us and saving lots of money!

Thanks for making a huge difference to us and to Australian charities!