Straightforward melbournexmastrees com au Review

They are here to help when you need a second opinion regarding which tree is best for your place. They surely have a ton of options regarding what tree you can put in your house, office, or whatever place you want to put it. Of course, it won’t be long before you would want to rely on their many years of experience in this business. They have recommended many trees to many Melbourne residents and everything turned out well. Of course, you would want the same thing done on your end so you can trust their opinion. Also, the process of ordering on their website is pretty easy. You can’t expect to see a bunch of pictures of the trees though. If you prefer that, you can just go to their store where you can see all their trees up close and personal. They would even be able to help you load the tree of your choice onto your vehicle. Yes, it is another one of those things they are used to doing.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them whether it is by email or phone. They are all ears when it comes to any inquiry you may have. They are the people to call when you want to know more about tree care and maintenance. Surely, you would want to know what you will need to do with your tree after buying it. There will be several things that need to be done in order to maintain their growth. It will just be a while before it grows and you can have yourself to thank for that. It is pretty smart how they are open a month before Christmas as they know some people are already planning to buy Christmas trees in Melbourne, Victoria during that period …


Givematcher Launches

After much anticipation Givematcher is live!

The acclaimed online fundraising platform that lets donors “give more than they donate” by having their charitable donations matched by their favourite companies and philanthropists has already caught the eye of many savvy charities and socially-responsible companies.

For too long, individuals, companies, and philanthropists have been supporting causes in a largely disjointed and isolated fashion. Well, no more! In a world-first, Givematcher has changed this forever, bringing together Australians, Australian companies and Australian philanthropists onto one innovative donation portal, so they can support side by side their common causes and heighten their social impact. Givematcher maximises the impact of everyone’s charitable giving, creating new synergies, and driving more funds to Australian charities.

Watch this space!…


Givematcher Update April 2014

It’s been a very busy few weeks here at Givematcher! Here is our latest news.

Four companies matching donations to ALL charities

Givematcher allows donors to donate to charities and have their donation matched by a company.  In the last update we revealed that in just the first few weeks, several insightful companies have already become matchers, pledging over $100,000 of matching donations.  This has now grown to close to $150,000 and it will continue to increase quickly as many more smart companies are already seeing the customer loyalty and marketing potential of offering to match their existing and potential customers’ donations.

Now, we have some more brilliant news.  Four companies have decided to match donations to ALL charities.  That means that every charity that registers will automatically start with four companies matching donations to them.  Charities just need to register for FREE to gain access to these matching company donations.

As a reminder, timings for our full launch are:
March/April – charities register.
April/May – promote to matching companies.  They will only be able to select to match charities that are registered with Givematcher.
May/June – launch to the public.

Below are some forward thinking charities that have registered with Givematcher in the last 2 weeks alone:

  • Mission Australia
  • Guide Dogs NSW / ACT
  • St Vincent de Paul Society (NT)
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • Heart Research Australia
  • The Salvation Army
  • Softacare
  • Baker IDI
  • Sids and Kids ACT and SE NSW
  • Bears of Hope
  • SCIC
  • MND Victoria
  • E. W. Tipping Foundation
  • St Kilda Mums
  • MIFQ
  • Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation
  • Kokoda Youth Fondation
  • Ovarian Cancer Australia
  • BioAutism
  • Guide Dogs SA/NT
  • Cora Barclay Centre
  • Southern Cross Care
  • Room to Read

Double Your Philanthropic Dollar: Introducing Givematcher

Givematcher is searching for Australia’s first matching philanthropist.  Can you help find them?

See full article in Generosity Magazine http://www.generositymag.com.au/double-your-philanthropic-dollar-introducing-givematcher/

A new online platform for gift matching is already striking a chord with corporates and charities, and now it is calling for its first philanthropic matcher.

Givematcher is an Australian social enterprise that leverages philanthropic and corporate giving to maximise donation yield for charities.


The brainchild of former BNP Paribas chief operating officer, Franck Demoiseau, the Givematcher website is a one-stop-shop for matched giving. Members of the public simply select their charity of choice, make a gift, and – currently – choose from a list of committed corporate matchers to effectively double their donation.

The simplicity of the concept, the marketing collateral it offers brands wanting to engage customers in their corporate social responsibility, and the potential for charities to maximise on income with minimal fundraising costs, are just a few reasons why the Givematcher platform has legs.

Demoiseau, who has developed the project with his own funds, says it was an idea “too promising to ignore.”

“For me, the idea had too many upsides,” he says. “It encourages companies to get more out of their giving. It gives charities an opportunity to expand their donor base, and to drive higher donations. And it is a tool waiting to be used by private philanthropists, PAFs, and grant-makers looking to leverage their giving with public funds.”

Barely two months old, and not yet officially launched, Givematcher has already partnered with more than 50 charities and attracted the pledges of socially minded corporates such as Strata Data Group, CBB, and MediWise.

Invitation to philanthropic funds and foundations: Get matched. For free.

The next phase of development for Givematcher is to attract philanthropic pledges from non-corporate matchers. For trusts and foundations looking …


Matched Giving Portal Makes Its Mark

A new online portal allows Australian donors to give to charities and have their donations matched by a company or a philanthropist of their choice.

Called Givematcher, it’s the brainchild of Sydney-based social entrepreneur and former banking executive Franck Demoiseau.

Demoiseau says the Givematcher fundraising portal was launched in mid-February and has already signed up more than 50 charities, including some of Australia’s largest charities. As well, some eight corporates have signed on.

“This has been a great result as we need a reasonably large bank for charities and for corporates to choose to become engaged with,” he says.

He says the portal allows both companies and charities to be able to work together in a way they have never been able to do previously.

“For companies with a budget of say $10,000 to give to a charity they know that their matched donation means the charity is really getting  $20,000 and that’s a great way to leverage their social impact,” he says.

Demoiseau says this form of marketing can then deliver new donors to the charities.

Givematcher says it also delivers the contact details of donors to the charities who sign up,  unlike workplace giving programs where the employees of a company usually remain anonymous.

“Givematcher uses the power of Matched Giving on a large scale to bring great new value to donors, companies and charities, triggering a tremendous win-win-win scenario,” Demoiseau says.

“Donors finally have a way of leveraging their donations, which for most Australians has not been possible as most companies do not have a workplace giving programs and donors greatly appreciate the support of the companies that match their donations.

“As well companies are able to help charities more than by donating directly, while enjoying benefits such as showcasing their social responsibility, and adding to customer …


Auto & General Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund

The team at Auto & General insurance has set up a Disaster Relief Fund to help remote communities in Nepal following the terrible earthquakes which struck the country on 25 April and 12 May 2015. Some of our staff have a personal connection to Nepal, while many others simply want to help in whatever way they can.

We have identified the best way for our staff and friends to contribute is through partnering with the Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA) to help rebuild lost infrastructure, particularly around schools.

NAFA is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation with a proven track record over 26 years in supporting sustainable, grass roots community development projects in Nepal.

NAFA’s focus is on health, education and the environment, with an emphasis on remote villages and families who are particularly disadvantaged. For more information on NAFA activities contact www.nafa.org.au

Givematcher has set NAFA a 0% rate. This means all your donation goes to Nepal (exc credit card fee).
Funds will be used to rebuild or repair classrooms previously funded by NAFA in villages located in the Solu Khumbu, Okhaldhunga (including the school at Chhermading) or Sindulpulchowk districts, all severely damaged or destroyed by the earthquakes.

NAFA executive officers will visit Nepal at their own expense after the end of the monsoon season to ensure the funds are used as intended…


Pozieres… Our Legacy

Legacy Australia is very proud to officially launch its Pozieres…Our Legacy 2016 tour. The project involves taking up to 100 Legacy youths on an educational study tour to the Western Front Battlefields, with the signature event being the Commemoration of the Battle of Pozieres on 23 July 2016.

What sets this tour apart from other tour groups attending the area in 2016 is that all of the youths have suffered in some way through… the loss of a parent whilst undertaking service in the Australian Defence Force.

Participating Legacy youths are seeking to fundraise $5,000 each towards the cost of their trip.

For more information about Pozieres.. Our Legacy 2016 visit http://www.legacy.com.au/pozieres/Pozieres.

Please help Legacy and show your support for this very worthy and important project.…


Sponsor a child

Working with families, children and communities to empower them to create lasting change for future generations is an essential part of our work in Nepal.

We focus on improving access to and quality of education for school-aged children in the remote communities of Nepal. Sponsorship programs include providing educational materials, training teachers and improvements to the school buildings and boarding house. Your ongoing donation helps us to achieve long-term support to these children.

Sponsoring is an excellent way of helping children have a brighter future.

You’ll offer a child real hope now and in the future when you sponsor. That’s because your money will help provide them with a stable childhood in their own community, as well as access to healthcare and quality education. So, when they reach adulthood, they can go on to lead full and independent lives.

Sponsoring a child can be a rewarding experience – both for you and the communities you are helping.


We will send you updates on how your sponsored child is progressing.
You’ll receive our regular newsletter featuring photos and stories on our work in Nepal.
You are welcome to write and send small gifts to your sponsored child.


Simply click donate on the right hand side – select $ 38 a month and select monthly donation.

Fill in your details and specify any special instructions you would like us to know about. Once we have received your first donation, we will send you details in 3-4 weeks about your sponsored child. We also send you our handbook when you sponsor an HDFA child or project. It’s a really useful guide to your sponsorship and we hope it will answer questions you may have.…


Angel Rescue Fund


We all find it hard to believe that in the 21st century slavery is so widespread. Unscrupulous criminals take advantage of vulnerable people. They lie about opportunities for prosperity, promising work and wages that turn out to be very different or non-existent. Instead of interesting work, menial tasks are required of the victims for no wages. Beatings and torture or sexual abuse are meted for no reason in order to intimidate and break the spirit of the victim who then too often succumbs to a demeaning life of abuse at the hands of their ‘owners’.

In some countries children are traded by families who are experiencing serious financial difficulty. In other places children become enslaved who have fled for their lives into refugee camps or are orphaned and abandoned and live in slums along railway tracks, under bridges or in sewer drains. They fall under the influence of evil people who teach them to beg and steal in return for a miserly supply of food and shelter that can barely be called adequate. Or they are confined to cramped quarters and sold to families or individuals who keep them from attending school and physically and sexually abuse them. Or worse still their days and nights are spent servicing the predatory sexual needs of violent abusers.

Exaggerating? – Not at all! These poorest of the poor are trapped and manipulated by evil people. They are powerless to do anything to break free because of threats to harm their families if they try to escape.

Although it is inherently difficult to know the numbers involved because it is often a hidden crime. Indications are that the numbers involved are staggering. Best estimates indicate that around 32 million people are entrapped in slavery of some type …


Cycle Power 2016

Have you always wanted to set your self a physically demanding challenge, where you are supported by an amazing group of people, raising funds for a cause you are passionate about? Then CyclePower 2016 is you.

Join handcyclist Gary Connor to ride over 500km from Cambodia to Vietnam in August 2016 raising funds for Disability Sport & Recreation.

We will visit the Cambodian Womens wheelchair basketball team and join in the memorial service for the 50th Anniversary of the Battle Of Long Tan in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

For more information contact info@dsr.org.au