How to Tell if a Website is SEO Friendly

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Australia is one the most developed countries in the world, and that’s the reason why more businesses and commerce are deciding to join the online world that was created by the internet with the purpose of expanding their services and offerings to more customers that can found their website or blog on the internet. However, to compete against millions of other websites in terms of ranking in the browser’s algorithm, you will have to use things like SEO to boost the conditions and features of the website with the purpose of achieving better results in terms of traffic and customers, however, to do so, you will have to see if a website is SEO friendly by default, and you could do this in practically all websites without worrying if you own the domain to not, so stay tuned to learn how to do it.


How to Tell if a Website is SEO Friendly:

The first way in which you can see this is by browsing for websites, any kind of website will do the trick, and then after entering the website you can enter the HTML code to see if there are any useful meta tags being sued by the page, and if the code appears to have some sorts of meta tags then this will be the first glimpse that something is being used for SEO purposes. After that, you might want to get some data about the domain and information about the host, because there are some cases where the provider can give some SEO tools that are used in the domain to rank better, so if these tools are being used, then you will definitely get to know it.


Also, you could use social media accounts to your advantage, and the reason this works is very simple, you just have to see some of their posts, and the great majority of them should have some hashtags listed at the end of the post or in the comments, the reason why this is done is because the browser’s algorithm of the platform can be used to their own advantage when using the hashtags, so you could also take notes in this valuable information to determine if the website is SEO friendly.


Finally, speed is something important, and some people tend to forget that most SEO tools and agencies care about the speed of the website to the point that is one of the first things that can be noticed if you have the proper experience, so when a website or blog counts with great speed, means that some touches have been made into the domain configuration or host services, and this means that there is a great possibility that SEO ahs something to do with this.


Why Would you Want this Information?

Knowing if is your website is SEO friendly is something very important as you will be able to determine how is that website ranked so higher in the browser or even better if we are talking about your website or blog then you will know what things are missing and what can be improved in the future to boot and increase the efficiencies of SEO, remember, information in this strategy is very important, so always give your best.