Moving Mountains for Mitch

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How far would you push yourself in the name of mateship?

Jason Snell is raising money for his friend Mitch Cleary, the victim of a one punch attack three years ago.

Jason leaves Perth on March 28th to attempt to summit Mt Everest.

All your donation will go to help Mitch’s long road to recovery (excl 1.5% credit card fee).

Jason comments from the heart:

“If I am to summit Everest I’ll need a solid measure of good fortune. They say fortune favors the brave – a quality I’m hoping I have enough of”.

“During times of this journey, no matter how strong my mind, my bravery may run low. Thankfully, I’m not drawing on this alone to make the climb. I also have my inspiration”.

“Mitch’s battle is hourly, daily, weekly, monthly – for the rest of his life. A bit different from the challenges of a lifelong dream”.

“So when I’m inevitably exhausted, freezing cold, and trying with every part of my mind, body and soul to just place one foot in front of the other, I’ll think of Mitch. The pain and memories of my challenge, which I willingly choose, will fade with time. As for Mitch – he will awake to a new Everest everyday”.

Please help Jason Snell by giving whatever you can to fuel his inspiration to help Mitch with his rehabilitation. The more people that know about Moving Mountains For Mitch, the greater the impact we can have on his rehabilitation, so please also spread the word by sharing the campaign with your friends and family.
Feel free to also set up a fundraiser for Mitch.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot to Jason and Mitch!